Director's Message

Director's Message AKBID St Benedicta Pontianak
Trivina, SST.,M.Kes

Welcome to AKBID St. Benedict Pontianak...
The quality of health services provided to mothers and children in particular and to the community in general is not solely the responsibility of the existing health personnel, but is the responsibility of the community in general as an important component of any effort to improve health services itself.
The position of midwives as the spearhead of health services, not as something secondary. The frequency of patient encounters with midwives is important, making the above matters important. Therefore, the quality of the existing midwives should be able to accommodate all the professional demands of a dynamic community development.
As an institution engaged in health education, we feel compelled to play an active role in contributing according to our abilities and capacities. Implementation of the Diploma III Midwifery Study Program, St. Benedicta Pontianak is the first step in a long process in an effort to meet the required standards of midwifery professionalism.
Finally, I hope that the existence of the St. Benedicta Pontianak is able to answer challenges in the field of health services, especially midwifery.

Pontianak, February 2022